Mike Tyson Classic T-Shirt

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Mike Tyson is a retired American professional boxer who was one of the most dominant and controversial heavyweight champions in boxing history. Born in New York City in 1966, Tyson began his professional boxing career in the early 1980s and quickly rose to fame with his aggressive style and devastating knockout power. He won his first heavyweight championship in 1986 at the age of 20, becoming the youngest heavyweight champion in history. Tyson went on to win numerous other titles and accolades throughout his career, including an Olympic gold medal and a record-breaking $30 million purse for a single fight. He retired from boxing in 2005 and has since become a successful entrepreneur, actor, and television personality. Tyson's impact on the sport of boxing and his larger-than-life personality continue to make him a cultural icon and a polarizing figure in popular culture.
  • Seamless rib at neck
  • Taped shoulder-to-shoulder
  • Double-needle stitching throughout
  • Tear-away label
  • 7/8" collar
  • Classic fit
  • Design size 11.8 in x 7.8 in 

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