Men's Leather Belt with Anti-Scratch Alloy Buckle

1、Excellent Hand Feeling: When you touch a belt made of high-quality materials with your hands, you will find that it feels very good, with high-quality textures, comfortable and fashionable.
2、Simple Pin Buckle Design: The design of the alloy pin buckle is simple and beautiful, which enhances the overall design of the belt.
3、Exquisite Craftsmanship: Fine workmanship and high-quality printing. Exquisite line craftsmanship details reflect quality.
4、Unique Style: Exquisite pin buckle, high-quality hardware buckle, color and texture show exquisite workmanship, so that the quality of the entire belt is quickly improved, and the unique style makes men full of charm.
5、Delicate Features: The leather of the belt is high-quality, the whole is delicate and shiny, does not fade, and is durable.
Exquisite workmanship: The smooth and round holes make it look more refined and textured.

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Total price: $24.99
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