Lia Red Green Bronze Ceramic Foil and Lacquer Sculpted Gourd Vase

Decorate your rooms with something both imaginative and brilliant with this gorgeous Gourd Style Ridged Lacquer and Foil Vase. This vase is a superbly crafted piece made from high quality ceramic. The elegance of this vase is both unmatched and fashionable, and its hard-wearing as well. There's truly no better place for your flowers. As for measurements, they are 11.75" for height, 9.75" for width, and 9.75" for depth, and its carefully foiled and lacquered using layering effects to add dimension, color and depth to the surface finish of the piece. If you want a useful, gorgeous, and long-lasting vase, this is the one for you. 9.75" X 9.75" X 11.75"
Color: Red, Green, Bronze
Material: Ceramic

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Total price: $99.95
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